Shipping Policy

Delivery time

Normal delivery time for your order is six weeks, including two weeks (7-10 working days) shipping time. We require four weeks to manufacture, as each garment is produced specially to order. However, if due to unforeseen circumstances in procuring handmade materials, there is a delay, yo will be informed via email. Any request for cancellation of order, due to delay beyond a reasonable period will be accepted.

Shipping charges
Rates up to 1 kg Rate $USD
ZONE 1 Singapore 8
ZONE 2 Hongkong Indonesia Malaysia Phillippines Taiwan Thailand 8
ZONE 3 Australia China India Japan Korea Viet Nam 11.5
Zone 4 Bangladesh Maldives Nepal Pakistan Sri Lanka 14.5
Zone 5 & 6 Belgium Canada France Netherlands Spain United Kingdom United States 33
ZONE 7 Austria Bahrain Denmark Italy Norway Oman Qatar South Aftrica Sweden Switzerland United Arab Emirates 43.5
ZONE 8 Kuwait Saudi Arabia 67.5
ZONE 9 Argentina Brazil 67
ZONE 10 Mauritius 67
Customs and Import Duties

When ordering from /, you are considered to be the importer and therefore must comply with all regulations of the country in which you are receiving the goods. Applicable custom charges, if any, must be borne by you, which would be communicated to you by your local post office.